Tracker-tools are a set of scripts I use to administer my Linux box. I've found them very useful and have decided it's time I packaged them up and made them publicly available.

These scripts form a backup strategy I am using on my home PC. track creates symbolic links to files and directories I have added or changed in a parallel directory structure to /.

Periodically I tar and bzip the files pointed to in this directory (using marktrack) and store the tarball as my backup. If/when I want to restore my system I will reinstall all the RPMs I had, and then untar my backup tarball (backtrack).

track <file> adds link to file to track directory
untrack <file>   removes link to file from track directory
marktrack generates rpms listing, does backup of files
offtrack <file> diffs file with last backup
backup creates a CDROM image ready to be burned to disk
backtrack restores .tar.bz2 file

You will probably want customise these scripts for your own system.

Hope you find this useful.

Cheers, Dave.

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